Water transfer OIL & GAS


During the preparations for the extraction of shale gas in Podkarpacie, our client needed high-performance pumps to perform the fracturing process. Clean water had to be delivered from the artificial reservoir in precisely defined stages over a distance of 500 m with a height difference of over 7 m. Before starting the pressing process, the water was to be effectively mixed by pumps with the acid chemistry in a closed mode.


3 pcs. BBA BA 150E

HDPE pipeline DN300

UPRENT solution:

2x BBA BA150E pumps were installed by the tank, which performed the work of the main pumps for water transfer, and the third BA150E pump was set up as a backup pump. In accordance with the project requirements, a stable HDPE pipeline line with a diameter of DN300 with a total length of 400 meters was built. At the beginning of the discharge pipeline, filters were inserted to obtain water with better properties to obtain the correct mixture for the fracturing process of a 3 km deep hole for natural gas production.

The fracturing process was complicated because it consisted of 6 stages that required uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the pumps with the entire system (a total of 8,000 m3 of mixture was pumped), which was supplied by UPRENT. An experienced team of UPRENT specialists supervised the efficient implementation of the project.

Design in numbers:

41 days of services provided

6 employees involved

400 m of HDPE pipeline

1425 m3 / h maximum capacity

8,000 m3 of pumped water