Construction of the Poland-Lithuania gas pipeline


GAZ-SYSTEM has concluded an agreement for the execution of construction works related to the second part of the northern section of the Poland-Lithuania gas interconnector. The contract for construction works on the Konopki – Kuków section (approx. 77 km) was signed with a consortium of companies led by NDI Energy Sp. z.o.o. UPRENT has provided comprehensive dewatering services to facilities in the Ełk and Grajewo districts. Transports, installation execution, 24/7 monitoring, refuelling and servicing of equipment and technical consultations.


21 pcs. – piston pumps at the peak of works

2500 pcs. – wellpoints

2000 m DN100 discharge hoses

1 pcs. – Hydraulic drilling rig

UPRENT solution:

Each section was developed individually according to the geology and according to the needs of the Client and other subcontractors working in the trench to be dewatered. In addition to technical efficiency, managing such a large project was a significant operational challenge to ensure continuity and timeliness of construction works. Efficient organization of work, selection of the best solutions, transports to places inaccessible to ordinary cars, refuelling of equipment and its supervision 24/7. UPRENT provided comprehensive support for pumping projects on this construction site for 6 months according to the client’s needs.

Project in numbers:

200 days of services provided

25 000 liters of refilled fuel

2 000 000 m3 of pumped groundwater

4,500m of drainage installed

10 employees involved