Full scope dewatering – construction of the S19 route


Aldesa won the tender for the construction of the S19 expressway Lublin – Rzeszów, section Lublin – the end of the Kraśnik circuit, including: Part No. 1: section implementation Lublin (Konopnica junction, currently Lublin Węglin junction – no junction) – Niedrzwica junction D. currently Niedrzwica Duże junction with a junction, approx. 12 km long.

For the above task, UPRENT provided the delivery of equipment for drainage of excavations along with comprehensive assembly.


7 pcs of piston pumps at the peak of work

340 items – DN32 wellpoints

2 pumps for wellpoint assembly

UPRENT solution:

Uprent used diesel  piston pumps with DN32 wellpoint sets to drain the excavations ordered by the Customer. Each site was developed individually in accordance with the geology and needs. The installations were assembled by experienced teams, which ensured the continuity and timeliness of construction works. The UPRENT company for 6 months provided comprehensive services in terms of service and maintenance of dewatering equipment.

Design in numbers:

6 months of services provided

6 employees involved

100,000 m3 of pumped groundwater