The UPRENT offer including consultation, selection, installation and electronic monitoring of deep-well pumps has been selected by the Consortium building a modern sports facility as the most advantageous offer and, above all, a comprehensive offer that meets the complex technical requirements of the project.


10 pcs. – Saer submersible pump with accessories and automatic pump operation control

2 pcs. – Sandboxes for catching solids from water

2 pcs. – Measurement of the discharge

800 m – Pipeline

UPRENT solution:

For long-term dewatering of the construction site, a set of ten Saer deep well pumps was used, installed by UPRENT specialists in previously prepared deep wells. The pump performance was adapted to the changing needs of the construction site as the work progressed, which was enabled with the installation of an electronic water flow control and management system. Control panels allow pumps to work in automatic mode as well as monitoring and control of the system operation.

Project in numbers:

100,000 m3 of pumped water