Budimex has won the tender for the construction of two sections of Aleja Niepodległości – Białystok. The length of the route is 10.5 km km, 11 two-level intersections, a tunnel under the tracks. UPRENT provided full scope dewatering services, including transport, installation, 24/7 monitoring, refueling and servicing of equipment as well as technical consultations.


26 pcs piston pumps at the peak of work

4 pcs impeller pumps – for pumping out water

1 pcs 4×4 with fuel tank

2 cars with auto crane

200 pcs – DN100 steel collectors

1200 pcs – dn32 wellpoints

1500m – pressure hoses D100

UPRENT solution:

Each position was developed individually in accordance with the geology and according to the needs of the client and other subcontractors working in the excavation. In addition to technical efficiency, managing such a large project was a significant operational challenge aimed at ensuring the continuity and timeliness of construction works. Effective work organization, selection of the most efficient solutions, transports to places inaccessible to a regular car, refueling of equipment and 24/7 supervision were the subject of this 2-year contract. For 24 months UPRENT provided comprehensive service for all pumping projects at this construction site in accordance with customer needs.

Project in numbers:

720 days of services

10 employees involved

246 assembly and disassembly of wellpoint installations each about 50mb

12km of sanitary installations, retaining walls, bridge structures

60,000 liters of fuel

5,000,000 m3 of groundwater pumped