Our company’s offer was chosen as best in tender for temporary diversion of sewage from the DN400 channel for the duration of the construction of the end pumping station in the Warsaw Ringroad construction investment along the S2 road.


2 pcs – Hidrostal E05Q pump

1 item – BBA BA 150E pump – reserve

1 item – PLC control container 2 x 45kW

2 x 30m – DN200 discharge pipeline

UPRENT solution:

For the temporary pumping system was used a set of two Hidrostal e05Q electric pumps with a total capacity of 600 m3 / h and a BBA BA150E diesel reserve pump with a capacity of 475m3 / h in case of blackout at the construction site. Pumps have been connected to a PLC control container that supports the pump in automatic mode and alows for remote monitoring and control of the system. An additional equipment is the SMS notification system, which texts users about problems like increased sewage inflow and power failure.

Project in numbers:

12 months of service

1,300,000 m3 of pumped sewage