Temporary pumping station on the task of Modernization of the “Włochy-Mikowa” Channel Pump Station in Warsaw


During the works related to the reconstruction of the pumping station “Włochy Mikowa” in Warsaw, it was necessary to provide by the General Contractor, Inżyniera Rzeszów Sp. z o.o.,  professional solution for the construction and maintenance of a temporary sewage pumping station for the duration of construction and engineering work on the construction of a new main pumping station building. The comprehensive UPRENT offer, including in particular remote control of electric pumps with the possibility of on-line monitoring, has been selected as the most advantageous in terms of costs and engineering. .

The main assumptions of the pumping station are:

  • Declared maximum inflow of 600 m3 / h
  • Wastewater collection from the depth of 8 m,
  • 30m long discharge,
  • Connecting the discharge pipeline to the existing pipeline 2 x DN 400,
  • Electric supply.



2 pcs. Hidrostal F10HD

1 pc. PLC control container 2 x 45kW

1 pc. Busch vacuum pump

2 x 30m of the DN200 pipeline

UPRENT solution:

To work as part of a substitute pumping station system, two Hidrostal F10HD electric pumps with a maximum capacity of approx. 990 m3 / h each and an engine power of 37 kW were installed. The pumps are controlled automatically by means of an on-line PLC control container that regulates the pump power depending on the sewage inflow. Permanent control over the operation of the pumps is possible thanks to remote access to the PLC container and the SMS notification system that sends alarm signals to the indicated telephone numbers. The discharge pipeline consists of 2 independent steel pipes with a diameter of d200 and a total length of 60m.

Project in numbers:

10 months of the planned period of service provision,

1600 m3 / h of maximum capacity of the pumping system,

24/7 supervision over pump operation