Due to the shutdown of the “Saska Kępa I” pumping station for the time of its modernization, it was necessary to design and install a temporary sewage pumping station, which will be responsible for pumping excess sewage in the event of a storm. The temporary pumping station was to be set up at the sewage inflow and to pump the sewage through a 500 mm diameter temporary conduit to the existing chamber on the storm collector.

The main assumptions of the pumping station:

– capacity of the temporary pumping station system: approx. 4000 m3 / h

– discharge with a DN 500 steel pipe 60m long

– connecting the pipeline to the DN800 storm collector

– electric power supply

– 24/7 readiness to start the pumping station in the event of a storm

– collecting sewage from two separate inflow chambers


4 pcs. Hidrostal F10HD

2 pcs. PLC control container 2 x 45kW

1 pc. Busch vacuum container

60m pipeline DN500

UPRENT solution:

4x Hidrostal F10HD electric pumps with a maximum capacity of about 990 m3 / h each and an engine power of 37kW were installed to work as part of a temporary pumping station system. Pumps are remotely controlled by a PLC control container operated by an experienced employee of UPRENT, after notification of the need to start the pumps by the dispatcher of the Saska Kępa pumping station during storms. During the temporary pumping station operation, the sewage is pumped through a steel pipeline with a diameter of DN500 over a distance of 60 meters directly to the storm collector.

Project in numbers:

270 days of the planned service period

4000 m3 / h of maximum capacity of the pumping system

24/7 supervision over pump operation