Bypass, full scope dewatering and shoring rental


A system of temporary sewage pumping, full scope dewatering of the trench and shorings to secure the excavation for the replacement of the sewage collector on the tram route in Poznań for Strabag. For the above task, UPRENT provided delivery of equipment along with comprehensive pump installation.


4 pcs BBA BA 150E centrifugal pumps

3 pcs of diesel piston pumps

1 pcs. Proril Tank 437 submersible pump

1 pcs – 16kW power generator

60 pcs – DN50 wellpoints

720 m – dn200 drop line

UPRENT solution:

For sewage temporary pumping system, 4x centrifugal pumps with a capacity of 475 m3 / h each and a discharge length of approx. 180 m each with d200 discharge collectors were used. For dewatering of the trench, 3x diesel piston pumps with a capacity of approx. 90 m3 / h each, positioned on the route of the replaced collector. To ensure the drainage of water from the existing drainage, a submersible Proril Tank with a capacity of 85 m3 / h was also used. Due to very difficult ground conditions, 50 mm diameter wellpoints were used in the backfill. The above solution was designed to allow temporary pumping of sewage and dewatering, which allowed Customer to complete construction works within the assumed time. Heavy shoring provided by Uprent was used to secure the excavation up to 5 m deep.

Design in numbers:

3 weeks of service provided

6 employees involved

Ok. 28,000 m3 of pumped sewage