As part of the task Reconstruction of the tram line on ul. Budzysza, Stryjewski and Nowotna in Gdańsk. UPRENT Sp. z o.o. in the period from 10/04/2019 to 24/10/2019, performed for Aldesa Construcctiones Polska a service consisting in comprehensive execution of a bypass for the time of construction of a new reinforced concrete culvert along with river bed reinforcements. Additionally, we provided comprehensive dewatering service throughout the entire construction period.


2x centrifugal pump BBA BA150 D285,
2x Caprari KCM150LA submersible pump,
2x external baskets,
2x KCM150LA control panels,
2x DN200 steel pipeline,
1x centrifugal pump Flygt 150ET,
2x centrifugal pump Varisco Simple 6,
6x piston pump BBAPT150, Impulse IP175

UPRENT solution:

As part of the temporary channel pumping project, 2 BBA BA150 D285 pumps with a capacity of 475m3 / h each, 2 Caprari KCM150LA pumps with a capacity of 376 m3 / h each, one Flygt 150ET pump with a capacity of 300m3 / h were used. The pumps were operated automatically via control panels and floats, which allowed automatic operation of the entire bypass during construction activities.

Medium transport using two steel pipelines with a diameter of DN200 and a length of 150mb each supplied and installed by UPRENT. Caprari submersible pumps were encapsulated with a basket specially designed for this project, which prevented large solid elements from entering the pump chamber, thanks to which the pumps operated without stopping during the entire bypass period.

At the time of construction, we also conducted comprehensive dewatering of the pit. Six piston pumps with a capacity of about 100m3 each and DN100 wellpoint system were used for drainage. Experienced assembly crews kept the installation in proper efficiency throughout the whole period, so that the construction process was carried out as planned.

Project in numbers:

Over half a year of simultaneous bypass and drainage of the pit,
About 6,000,000m3 of pumped medium,
13 different types of pumps used,
12 employees involved,